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The Gold Strategy

Global Leadership Development

The GOLD Strategy© expands the effectiveness of leaders in global markets. Two developmental programs deliver the strategy. Each program includes an action plan and developmental coaching.

  • Global Leadership Development (GLD)
  • Global Organizational Leadership Development (GOLD)

GLD helps leaders and managers excel in global marketplaces. The five-day seminar is customizable. It assesses a global leader or manager’s cultural intelligence (CQ) and cross-cultural effectiveness (Global 6). It examines an individual’s cross-cultural awareness of self and others. GLD develops cultural competence through understanding what culture is and how it works. It identifies effective leadership styles across cultures and equips leaders to leverage polarities in complex intercultural environments. Each participant designs a global leadership development plan. A GPC consultant provides developmental coaching to each client.

GOLD builds upon GLD and focuses on intentional design and development of global organizations across cultures. The customizable program analyzes an organization’s internal and external cross-cultural frameworks and provides recommendations for effectiveness. GOLD helps organizations improve internal organizational climate and external productivity across cultures. The organization designs a global organizational leadership development plan. GPC consultants provide developmental coaching.