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Global Perspectives Consulting Programs

The research consultants of Global Perspectives Consulting provide training programs to help leaders excel in global marketplaces. Participants are able to apply a variety of culture general and culture specific skills to all interactions. Global Perspectives has extensive experience performing cross-cultural needs assessment for unique and challenging intercultural environments. Consultants design and deliver culture programs contextualized for local situational needs.


Cultural Competence Development

CCD develops skills required to excel in today’s global economy. The program orients participants to the basics of what culture is and how it works with an emphasis on experiential learning for real world practical applications. Consultants hold advanced degrees in cultural anthropology, intercultural communication, and global executive coaching. They have experience working with organizations all over the world and across many fields and industries.

Global Leadership Development

GLD focuses on leaders who desire to improve their effectiveness in cross-cultural settings and build their Cultural Intelligence (CQ). They learn to adapt leadership styles according to a variety of cultural contexts.

Police Cultural Competence Development

PCCD is built around the importance of law enforcement legitimacy within the communities they serve through the practice of procedural justice. Participants in PCCD learn and apply four central values of procedural justice to build trust and increase cooperation in multi-cultural environments and diverse communities.