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Robert Strauss – Owner

Growing up in the Dominican Republic in the West Indies, Robert Strauss has lived in an intercultural world since adolescence. With a Doctorate in Intercultural Studies from Biola University’s School of Intercultural Studies in Los Angeles, California, he offers over 30 years of experience in intercultural consulting and instructional design. His post-graduate degree was conferred with Highest Honors (4.00 GPA) and his dissertation was featured during the 25th Anniversary of the School of Intercultural Studies.

Robert has traveled to and/or worked in 20 countries, speaks Spanish and English, and has developed trainers in Ibero-America, India, and Southeast Asia. The focus is on a sustained worldview change through intercultural training that utilizes narrative as a locally familiar form of communication.

In addition to Robert’s extensive work as a practitioner, he is also equally grounded in the academic research which underlies the intercultural field. As an Affiliate Faculty in Regis University’s College of Business and Economics, Robert facilitates courses in Cultural Intelligence, Intercultural Communication, and Research Methods. He has a CITI certification in human subject research and is trained in online facilitation to the graduate level. The author of academic journal articles and chapters in books specializing in intercultural communication training, Robert is also the co-editor of a 290-page training manual, written in Spanish, published in 2009 in Cordoba, Argentina. Robert will author a book on worldview expositional storytelling to be published in 2017. In January 2013, he was added to the Fulbright Specialist Roster in the field of cultural anthropology.

October 2016 he become the owner of Global Perspectives Consulting.

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Elena Steiner – Founder

Having more than 25 years of private and public sector experience in U.S., foreign, and military situations, Elena is accustomed to global transitions and functioning in a variety of intercultural environments. She holds a Master of Arts degree in International Communication from Regis University, conferred with graduate honors (3.97 GPA), as well as Graduate Certificates in Negotiation and Facilitation and Intercultural Training.

Elena has extensive international experience living, working, or studying in 18 countries and speaks French and German. She has worked as an executive coach and trainer in the areas of intercultural communication and business processes for non-native English speakers throughout Germany, England, and the U.S.A with a focus on needs assessments, client-centered goals, and sustainable transfer of learning. Elena rigorously participates in professional development activities to remain at the forefront of the intercultural competence field.

Currently, Elena is a PhD candidate at the Arizona State University Hugh Downs School of Human Communication in Tempe, AZ. Her general research involves the role of narrative in the formation, transmission, explanation, and prediction of culture. More specifically, she is designing a story-based tool to quickly explain and predict cross-cultural behavior at both micro and macro levels.

She is the Founder of GPC and remains involved in projects as an independent contractor.

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