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Identity Markers

My “sense of self” is culturally derived. Who am I? Each culture has identity markers that help determine status and role. Through experiential storytelling, whether among trusted relationships or amidst conflict, I come to understand who I am. Below is a list of several identity markers:

  1. Race = Black, white, Hispanic
  2. Ethnicity/tribe = Asian, Native American, Jewish, Pashtu
  3. Language = English, Arabic, Chinese
  4. Nationality = Canadian
  5. Geographic region = Southern California
  6. Gender
  7. Age
  8. Marital status and offspring
  9. Familial = Karzai (…from the village of Karz)
  10. Religion = Hindu, Catholic
  11. Status acquired or achieved in society = The President of a company by meeting the qualifications outlined by the Board of Directors or by being the son of the owner
  12. Class based on birth, occupation, and wealth = Dalit, college professor, estate or company owner
  13. Place of birth
  14. Totem = animal or plant emblem of clan ancestry
  15. Education

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